the first and foremost  Vencrable Tipitakadhara Dhammabhandagarika Mingun Sayadaw

The First and Foremost  

Venerable Tipitakadhara Dhammabhandagarika Mingun Sayadaw


Background History 

Bhaddhanta Vamsa Pala Lankara, the founder, is one of the close disciple of the first and foremost  Vencrable Tipitakadhara Dhammabhandagarika Mingun Sayadaw. (The Guinness Book of Records recorded the Mingun Sayadaw as a record holder in the Human memory category, in 1985).

Tipitakadhara means Bearer of the Tipitaka, Dhammabhandagarika defines Keeper of the Dhamma Treasure. The above Titles are being awarded to the successful Buddhist monks out of over 600,000 members of the Samghas in the Union of Myanmar who can recite Pali Texts of 8,210 pages of Tipitaka canons (more than 2.4 million words in Pali) and the written portion of over 200 books of Pali Texts. In the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, there have been only 13 monks who have emerged as Tipitakadhara Sayadaws, of whom 9 are still alive. Sayadaw Bhaddhanta Vamsa Pala Lankara, passing the 50th Tipitakadhara Religious Examination at the age of 34, has become known as Shwe Yatu (Golden Jubilee) Tipitakadhara Sayadaw. After passing the Tipitakadhara Religious Examination, Sayadaw have served as the Mahanayaka Sayadaw (Great Venerable Patron Monk) at the Mingun Tipitaka Nikaya Monastery, nurturing and supervising over 200 Tipitaka Candidate monka. The Sayadaw also promotes and propagates Buddhist religion throughout the country and abroad.
Moreover, the Sayadaw has made donations for the construction of Basic Education High School, Station Hospital, library, and road construction for smooth transportation and communication in his underdeveloped native village.

Shwe Yatu Tipitaka Cakkhupala Eye Hospital

Being a hot, arid and dry zone with scarcity of water, dusty and poverty, there have been a large number of eye patients in his native region, and thus, the Sayadaw has had a great desire to provide treatment and take care of these eye patients.

Due to the attempts and endeavors of Saddhamajotika Professor Dr Apinat Kitiphunt, a closet donor of the Sayadaw from Thailand, this Eye Hospital was successfully built with the primary contributions of Dr Prasert Prasarttong – Osoth, CEO and President of Bangkok Airways Public Co., Ltd. and Bangkok Hospital Group. Moreover, modern and latest diagnostic and operating equipments to be used in this hospital have been provided by the sole donor, Dr Prasert Prasarttong – Osoth and his family. The hospital was started open on September 17, 2013.

In addition, through coordination with Dr Somsran Watanachote from People Eye Care Foundation (PECF), Thailand, a 15-member medical team including three eye specialists and nurses from Thailand, has paid a monthly visit to this hospital and has done eye operations.